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New York Medical Malpractice Insurance

High malpractice premiums and limited carrier choices pose problems for physicians practicing in New York State. While there is a robust 50,000-plus doctors practicing in the Empire State the current medical liability situation for NY physicians does present serious complications. Unfortunately, comprehensive medical liability reform does not seem to be on the cards anytime soon.

Real alternative options for New York physicians are available

Few would argue that New York doctors are in need of serious rate relief. However there are other options available to NY doctors right now. Get genuine alternatives to the status quo from a licensed liabilty consultant experienced in helping New York doctors with their medical malpractice insurance.

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New York Medical Malpractice Insurance

There are currently two primary carriers and two specialty carriers serving physicians in New York. In addition, a Medical Malpractice Insurance Pool (MMIP) provides coverage to "eligible health care providers" who are unable to obtain medical malpractice insurance in the voluntary commercial market. These "eligible health care providers" (including physicians, dentists and hospitals) are assigned to existing, authorized medical malpractice insurers operating in New York. The MMIP pool currently covers about 300 doctors in the state.

On July 1st 2010, following on the heels of two years of rate hike freezes New York State approved a 5% increase in medical malpractice insurance rates. This rate hike was approved for all the insurance companies currently writing business in the Empire State. However it is important to keep in mind that the increase is not uniform across the board. Some doctors based on medical specialty or location may see lower rates of increase.

Every doctor's situation in New York is different so submit your NY medical malpractice insurance quote request today and get a free, no-obligation price comparison with your current policy.

New York Updates on Medical Malpractice Insurance

July 2010
A 5% increase in New York medical malpractice insurance rates is approved.

April 2008
On April 15, 2008 the New York Senate passed medical malpractice insurance legistation ( S.7038 ) that lowered the required level of primary medical malpractice coverage that a physician or dentist must have in order to qualify for the Excess Medical Malpractice Liability Insurance Coverage Program from $1.3M/$3.9M to $1M/$3M.

"This critically important legislation would lower malpractice insurance premiums by an estimated 6 percent across New York State," said Senate Majority Leader Joseph L. Bruno. The bill has now been passed to the New York Assembly for action. If enacted this piece of legislation would result in an immediate 6% reduction in physician medical liability premiums.

The Excess Medical Malpractice Liability Insurance Coverage Program was created in 1986 to help stabilize the rapidly increasing cost of medical malpractice liability insurance in New York.

Outlook - What's Does The Future Hold?

Many observers have noted that the situation in New York cannot continue much longer "as is". In order to ensure that there are enough qualified and experienced physicians available to serve the people of New York it is likely that meaningful medical liability reform will need to be enacted at some point.

Be sure to check back with for updates on the latest developments how these will impact what you pay for malpractice insurance in New York.


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