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Illinois medical malpractice insurance rates have fallen significantly. Thanks to tort reforms enacted in 2005 physicians in the Prairie State finally saw some relief. Despite the recent overturning of these tort reforms by the courts, medical malpractice insurance rates are still lower in Illinois when compared to the past decade or so. For example some OB/GYNs and general surgeons in Cook County saw decreases of up to 27% in their premiums in recent years.

Increased competition among medical malpractice insurance companies in Illinois benefits you - the physician - in the form of lower rates and improved coverage options.

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Lowest Rates Available in Illinois

Submit your free quote quickly and easily and avail of some of the lowest rates available on quality medical liability insurance in Illinois. Superior coverage options are available from top-rated insurance companies including A.M. Best A-rated companies.

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Get the personalized service, top-rated advice and superior coverage you deserve from experienced medical liability consultants who specialize in the Illinois market and work for you to get the best coverage at the most affordable rates available.

Benefits to Illinois Physicians

Lowest Rates for Chicago Doctors with Advocate Hospital System Privileges Lowest Rates for Chicago Doctors with Advocate Hospital System Privileges.

Our partner agency has access to the two insurance companies on the approved Advocate Hospital list with the lowest medical liability rates.

Prior Acts Coverage is Included Prior Acts Coverage is Included. You are NOT Required to Buy a Tail.

Do you have to buy a tail to switch your Illinois medical malpractice insurance? The short and simple answer is NO.

Standard Policies are Available "Standard" Policies are Available.

The most important part of a standard policy, according to many doctors, is the "consent to settle" provision. This means that the insurance company cannot settle a case without the doctor's consent. Standard policies are available to you in Illinois.

Switch Anytime - There is no need to wait until your renewal date Switch Anytime – There is no need to wait until your renewal date.

It's important to keep in mind that you can switch your medical malpractice insurance policy at any time. Compare the daily cost of insurance with your current policy versus the daily cost offered by your free no-obligation quote. The math is simple, if the new policy costs less, then every day you delay is costing you money. Request your Free Illinois Medical Malpractice Insurance Quote and see if you can start saving money right now!
Note: Some insurance companies may impose a small penalty for switching but in many cases the penalty is insignificant compared to the savings a doctor can achieve on their medmal.

Don't let frivolous claims cost you more for your medical malpractice Don't let frivolous claims cost you more for your medical malpractice.

Illinois is a very litigious area and many doctors have past claims. However, in many cases, past claims will NOT inhibit you from getting a good quote in the future.

Let an experienced medical liability consultant work with you to get the best coverage at the most affordable rates for your IL Medical Liability Insurance.

Take Advantage of Illinois Tort Reform Take Advantage of Illinois Tort Reform

Reduce the cost of your malpractice insurance even further by taking advantage of the tort reform measures enacted in Illinois that have helped to further reduce rates. Despite the recent overturning of the tort reform measures the historic reduction in rates over the past few years means there are still significant savings to be realized on your Illinois medical malpractice insurance policy.
Read more about the issues affecting medical liability insurance in Ilinois including the recent decision to rule tort reform initiatives in the state unconstitutional.

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Illinois Medical Malpractice Insurance Rates

As a doctor practicing in Illinois there are a number of important parameters that need to be factored into determining your medical malpractice insurance rate (e.g. New to practice, Full-time vs. Part-time, Occurrence or Claims Made). Submit your free quote request today and a friendly liability consultant who specializes in helping Illinois doctors will be glad to review all your options with you. This way you be assured that you have the right coverage at the most affordable price.

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