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As a highly trained medical professional you have invested significant time and money buildng a successful career. To ensure your future financial security it is advisable to have an own occupation, long-term disability insurance plan.

Customized Own Occupation Disability Plans

Personalized "Own Occupation Specialty-Specific" plans are available for physicians and dentists nationwide from professionals who specialize in disability insurance for doctors.
Doctor Disability Insurance

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More about the benefits of Doctor Disability Insurance

As a physician or dentist you can often expect significant increases in future earnings as your career progresses. However an accident or illness may cause your future earnings to cease and this loss of income could present you with serious financial burdens.

Doctor disability income insurance policies can help replace a portion of the loss of income due to disability during one's working years. Did you know that over 50% of all home foreclosures are caused by the disability of the primary income earner.

Why the "Own-Occupation" definition of disability is very important to you

DisabilityInsurance for Physicians
As a physician, one of the most important policy features to have in your disability insurance contract is an own-occupation definition of disability. In simple terms this means that if you are unable to work in your specialty due to an injury or illness the policy will pay you a benefit, even if you choose to work in another occupation. For example, if you get injured and can no longer practice as a Surgeon (perhaps due to hand-eye co-ordination problems), then the disability policy will pay you a benefit even if you can earn an income in another specialty or occupation.

This definition differs greatly from many less expensive or group plans. Many of them say you must not only be disabled from your occupation, but also unable to work in any gainful occupation. Having the ability to work in the fast food industry could preclude you from receiving a disability benefit if you choose the wrong plan for your situation.

Fill in the form above to get a free quote and Top-Rated Advice on a customized disability plan that will protect your financial well-being. You will be contacted by an experienced insurance professional who deals exclusively with disability insurance for medical professionals and will be more than happy to answer all your questions.

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